Passion, Pleasure & P.L.A.Y
Virtual Retreat

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A virtual safe space to experience your sexual, sensual and feminine energy through Passion, Pleasure and the Power of PLAY!

For partners of professional athletes and the women who can relate!

The Sex-You-Ality Edition

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MAY 1, 2021 2PM-6PM PST

They are a part of who you are!

Have you ever wondered why men are in love with the strippers, sneak porn when they're away and indulge in the popular page and yet your role is to be a classy and well kept wifey and mom holding it down at home?!

Do you ever wish you could unleash your inner freak but you’re too shy, reserved or just simply don't know how?!

Do not be afraid of exploring your sexuality, fantasies and deepest desires. 

Embrace them, love them & make them yours. 

You are cordially invited to a virtual experience you will never forget!

An evening of pleasure you won’t want to end, other than to go re-create the magic you’ll experience in your life and relationship!

Consider it permission granted for you to let your hair down and explore without being judged, objectified or expected to give. 

This is all about you being available to receive! tune with their Sexual, Sensual and Feminine energy and walk away feeling more in tuned with yours as a result. 

Empowered by your pussy power, the night is yours!

You are going to learn from Powerful-Sexy Women

just $47

was $97

When women come together in all of their feminine glory, magic happens

kristel david

from my heart to yours

imagine if you were:

Clear about what brings you pleasure and the confidence to communicate it in your relationship and to manifest abundance in your life

Confident in your body and letting loose, saying that nasty things you're thinking about and freely expressing ALL of YOU

Creating deeper connection and intimacy by being more fun, passionate and creative in your sexuality and initiating sex and foreplay 

It is all possible and I have curated an evening of PLAY just for you!

So  What’s the Plan?!


plus, a sexy dance routine to end the evening feeling yourself ready to take on the world!

just $47

was $97

MAY 1, 2021 2PM-6PM PST

Hi, my name is Kristel David and I am your host for the Passion, Pleasure and PLAY Virtual Retreat, the SexYOUality edition!

In my journey of self discovery and supporting my clients with relationship success, identity and confidence one of the common areas of lack luster is the sex life and even deeper, the intimacy and connection rooted in sensuality, explorations me play.

I don't necessarily mean having sex, I mean enjoying it, initiating it and understanding the connection it has to confidence, creativity and manifestation!

When a woman is sexually free and liberated to know who she is and what she wants there is nothing that can stop her. She becomes unstoppable! And as a by product, her man can benefit from this powerful energy too!

I have also seen that Sex has been over sexualized in public and under valued where it matters most, within. This has left many women confused, disconnected, insecure and shy when it comes to her sexuality, sensuality and sex life. 

I created this event for the women who are ready to unleash their divine feminine Energy, experience HER pussy power and activate her Seabees thru pleasure and play! 



"There's no greater power than a woman who knows who she is, what she wants and exactly how to communicate that with the world!"

Decide you want it more than you are afraid of it!

just $47

Are you ready!? 

was $97

Sexuality is the most authentic expression of pleasure. Pleasure is the most authentic expression of life. 

kristel david

from my heart to yours