It's a Podcast, but it's Also a Guide

A woman's guide to healthy connection, communication and confidence with a high profile man! In this show I tell all my deepest secrets and give my how to tips to get your life and relationship to where you truly desire it to be!

Her Playbook the podcast

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It is time we bring the conversations that only happen in group chats or dinner with friends to the table and move from venting, complaining and being stuck wishing for more to getting the results we really want in our life and relationships.

Let's Be Open

Ask Yourself?

Do you still feel sexy?
What’s really going on in those DM’s?
What are boundaries and how do you set them?

A Podcast created for Women to Engage in Real and Raw Conversations

What About?

Does he still call you sexy?
How do you build and preserve trust?
Should you/your man have friends of the opposite sex?

Really. This podcast has saved my relationship not only with my man... but with myself. I have been going through so much self doubt recently and this podcast didn’t lecture me or give long winded advice. It was real. It was honest and raw. This podcast forced me to have a conversation with myself and dig deep into where my self doubt is coming from.

The way Kristel challenges us to get at the root of the problem either with myself or my man through the word of her own stories makes it so powerful. Beautifully done. Thanks KD


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I'm Kristel, your PLAY coach!

I’m a soul purpose life coach, relationship guide, empowerment fanatic, keynote speaker, proud mamma of 5, and entrepreneur who also happens to be the partner of a professional athlete.

Today, vulnerability, authenticity and confidence in myself and my relationship are kind of my superpowers, but trust me, that was not always the case...

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There's tons of tools and information out there and I know how badly you want to simplify your life and apply tools to help you deepen the intimacy & connection with your man, communicate like a Queen, and drip in the confidence and purpose you were born to thrive in.

I believe that true happiness and deep fulfillment is reached when you get radically honest about who you are and what you actually want. 

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Kristel loves to feature guest experts to bless her audience on all things relationships and loves to chop it up for a healthy debate or juicy topic for her listeners to enjoy!

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