Masks off for a moment ladies...You have it all, you do it all but you're constantly left feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and insecure. 

You've got the athletic man, cute face, workin on that waist, the lavish vacations, beautiful homes and cars and a full to-do-list, yet behind closed doors you don't feel like you're producing fruit in your endeavors, would rather choose sleep over sex and when you are giving it up, it's more for him than it is for YOU...

What if I told you your sexuality is a gateway to your creativity, fulfillment and success?

What if I showed you how your sexuality is the biggest part of yourself that matters when it comes to being the confident, creative and connected woman you truly desire to be?!

If you want to be unstoppable, keep reading...this is for you!

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Ready Now?

A 5 day challenge to unleash the pussy power that you're just not aware of's so much more than the WAP!

APRIL 12 - APRIL 16, 2021

It's Not For You If:

You are already deeply connected to your feminine energy and trusting your gut-intuition comes easy for you 

You have amazing sex often and are not looking to improve your sex life 

You are fully aware of the direct correlation between sexuality and success and how your divine feminine energy is the root to your calling and creativity 

You are not open minded about learning things you don't know you don't know

If you are OH-SO-OVER:

Needing substances to feel sexy and in the mood for sex, pleasure and fun

Settling in your relationship that is not currently as passionate amd connected as you want it to be

Knowing you're beautiful on the outside but not feeling sexy and confident on the inside

Wanting to have a healthier sex life where you feel desirable and actually wanting to receive in the act and not just give it to him to keep him happy 

Then this 5 day challenge is for YOU my Queen!!

Constantly comparing yourself to the powerful women you see on the gram knowing you once were a driven baddie too, but have lost yourself to your roles of holding down the home and supporting your man's career

Wishing you weren't so indecisive and uncertain constantly doubting yourself and not trusting your unique intuition

Craving deep connected friendships and intimacy with your partner 

Bold, beautiful and abundant in every area of your life!

Every woman wants to be healthy, Happy and HOT AF!

I mean think about it....What are the things that keep you up at night? What are the podcasts you're listening to and sermons that speak to your soul?

Welcome to the SEX-YOU-ALITY 5 day challenge where you will fall in love with the woman you were called to be! All of you! No parts of you left behind.

Consuming self help content these days can be like a drug. 

You're high for a moment and then it fades and you go back into the twilight zone of living life for everyone else and putting yourself last.

That addiction stops here!

Now let me keep it real, I am not here to tell you that your life is going to change within 5 days but I am here to tell you that these 5 days will be life changing.

Over the 5 days we will spend together I am going to teach you exactly what it takes to unleash your sexuality, trust your gut, own your identity and activate your confidence! I'm even going to introduce you to an opportunity to PLAY and explore sexuality, sensuality and more passionate sex!

It's your time to shine! Let's bring your sexy back!

Everything (Kristel) has spoken on I can relate to it and it has shown me my own power.. for so long I have always felt like "Hubby has it all figured out” because his career came before mine but, GIRL when I tell you I am just getting in deep with my inner child it has brought so much to surface!!

I will share more in person but seriously my inner child work is showing me more and more of who I am ❤️ and my purpose.


found her power


real women

"I believe a woman's sexuality is the gateway to her confidence, creativity and connection..."

"The world isn't ready" for the QUEEN energy that is about to be seeping through your pores when you start to implement the sauce I am going to teach you.

But the truth is, the world has been waiting for you to access your divine feminine power and it needs your QUEEN energy to emerge now more than ever!

Hi. I'm Kristel David

I am The confidence Queen and I am excited to guide you on this journey to access yours! 

Confidence is definitely a lifestyle for me now, but I haven't always been this way. I spent years wearing my super woman cape going going going, doing doing doing and yet never really producing any fruit in my life. 

My life was dull, unfulfilling and it was bleeding into my marriage because I was unhappy with myself. 

My relationship hit rock bottom because I did and something had to change. That something was me.  

After over a decade of my own self discovery and healing and now years of working with hundreds of women just like you and me, I have discovered the secret sauce formula to not just look like you have it all, but to actually feel like you have it all because you're producing real results in your life. 

"Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear"

One of the core components of activating this secret sauce formula is unleashing your sexuality and confidently owning your identity!

I am going to teach you how to be UNSTOPPABLE! Are you ready?

Yes, It Really Works

"Sexuality is one of the biggest parts of who you are."

kristel david

from my heart to yours