You Can Have the Happily Ever After.

I’m Kristel, The Confidence Queen!

I am a wife, mama of 5 and life & relationship coach for partners of Professional Athletes.

I teach you how to confidently date, marry and grow old with your man without sacrificing your own identity and caving into the perfection ridden pressure the lifestyle may bring. 

It's time to own your confidence, master your communication and deepen your connection with your man while unapologetically living out your unique passion & purpose!

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Women are a dime a dozen to our men,
but QUEENS like you are to be cherished, adored and respected.

Knowing who you are, what you want and living boldly on purpose every day is one of the sexiest things you can do!

Life & Relationship Coaching
for partners of Pro Athletes Who Want
Security + Confidence

A woman on a mission wearing confidence and passion beats
La Perla and kinky tricks any day of the week, trust me!


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Want to Master Your Communication?

This 2-hour FREE masterclass will guide you to master your style of communication! 

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HER PLAYbook is THE only coaching program designed to empower partners of Pro Athletes to take your relationships to a 10 out of 10, unlock your purpose, step into your worth, and create a life of legacy and impact!

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A woman's guide to healthy connection, communication and confidence with a high profile man! In this show I tell all my deepest secrets and give my how to tips to get your life and relationship to where you truly desire it to be!

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"All I can say is that I hope you make the decision to do it! Invest in yourself, see your value, know you are worth it and take that leap of faith because it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself!



I'm Kristel, your PLAY coach!

I’m a soul purpose life coach, relationship guide, empowerment fanatic, keynote speaker, proud mamma of 5, and entrepreneur who also happens to be the partner of a professional athlete.

Today, vulnerability, authenticity and confidence in myself and my relationship are kind of my superpowers, but trust me, that was not always the case...

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Want to Master Your Communication?

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This 2-hour FREE masterclass will guide you to master your style of communication! 

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September 2-5, 2021

The 3 Day Experience for Pro Athlete Wifeys to Recharge & Reenergize Her Life & Relationship


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