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Ready to learn tools and systems to set your life and relationship up for success, happiness and PLAY? Looking for a community to gain connection, accountability and support? 

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Do I have to be a partner of a professional athlete to join?

No! You don't even have to have a man for that matter. The work we do in this program will definitely set you up to thrive in your relationship but that's because you will be thriving with yourself. And therefore all other areas of your life will blossom! I speak from an experience of a pro wifey and attract those who can relate. If that's you, join us!

Although I am very specific with who I speak to, I believe EVERYONE male and female old and young will benefit from doing this work. You can do the modules with your man if you'd like! I just ask that he isn't on the live coaching calls with us that's your time!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a friend who I think would benefit from this, how can I share it?

There's nothing better than doing this work with your loved ones and besties. If you think she's a fit, send her to this website and encourage her to hook a call with me so I can chat with her and see if she's a fit!! 

What is it? 

HER PLAYbook is an interactive group coaching experience where you will learn new paradigm shifts that will transform your life. It's an opportunity to connect with like minded women and build lifelong relationships while learning and growing. It's an opportunity to be coached by me and learn the exact steps I took to save my marriage, become the mom I want to be and build a 6+ figure business that I am passionate about and able to contribute to my home financially. 

How does it work?

You will get your own personal login and password to access the training module suite. Each week a new module and workbook will open up. Then we will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 9amPST LIVE on zoom for open coaching where we will do exercises and coaching to support you in getting results!

I can't afford it right now, do you offer discounts or scholarships?

Here's my question to you...what is it costing you not to do this program? I know you don't know the powerful results you could create, yet but how much longer do you want to experience the stress, overwhelm, unfulfillment, anxiety, inconsistency and lack of purpose? How much longer will your relationship last with you having trust issues, being insecure, holding on to the past, an average sex life and constant nagging and miscommunication?! 

If you don't make the change now, when? Investing in yourself for a program like this is never going to be at the top of the priority list when it comes to things you can spend your money on. At any given time of year there will always be something else you could use that money for. 

But let me tell you something I know to be true. Money comes and money goes. Always. It's just an exchange for value. YOU are that exchange for value and YOU ARE ENOUGH! You're worth investing this money into your life, relationship and future!

Plus, the program costs less than one of your bags. Ask bae to gift it to you. It's the best gift that will keep giving. 

And if you add up the cost of miscellaneous expenses. Target runs. Online shopping. Your hair, nails, makeup and Starbucks, a trip or something you need like car and or house repairs you have no problem coming up with money for that. 

On the other side of this investment you will experience freedom. Joy. Confidence and the tools to create the life and relationship you truly desire? Imagine what it would be like if on the other side of this investment you noticed you and your man getting along better. Talking more. Laughing more and feeling like old times again. What if you started realizing that more money and opportunities are flowing your way?! Would it be worth it then?

I don't have time right now, will there be another one?

Again, if not now, when? What is more important in your life right now than pouring into YOU and setting yourself up for everything you do to flourish?! Imagine doing this work and then having the courage to start that thing, the confidence to be the woman you know you are and the patience to communicate and connect on a deeper level and the wisdom to create anything your heart desires!

I didn't think I had time when I did this work either. I had all the reasons in the book why it wasn't the right time. But then I realized if I continued on the way I was nothing would change except me losing it all. Working my butt off and still being unfulfilled and not producing the desired results at the end of it. Trying everything to improve my marriage and still feeling stuck. This work taught me how to slow down and get intimate with my life, my desires and my results. 

In order to get different results I had to do something different. Moreover, I had to be someone different and thank God I did because my life and relationship hasn't been the same since!

I want that for you too!!!