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Your girl loves to talk! Kristel is a teacher and preacher at heart! You can find her on social media and HER PLAYbook the Podcast but she does her thing in person and on virtual events too!

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I’m a soul purpose life coach, relationship bestie, empowerment guide, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, wifey and proud mama of 5, and entrepreneur who also happens to be the partner of a professional athlete.

Over the past decade I have spent countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning how to find my own voice and now I share that voice on podcasts, webinars, television, and stages across the world! I’m passionate about helping people like you break past your fear, honor your confidence, and become the person you have always wanted to be.

Unforgettable Experiences, Curated for Your Platform.

real talk:

5 Reasons to Book Kristel...

every single event she...

Genuinely connects with each individual member of the audience.

most people don't but she...

Pulls back the curtain to the real life of a professional athlete’s wife

it's just her thing, she...

Provides customized, original, and relatable content for every audience

most people don't but she...

Delivers tangible strategies and support for guidance, even after the event ends

it's just her thing, she...

Creates an unforgettable experience that people will never forget

What your audience will learn from Kristel:

She believes every thriving-healthy and happy relationship has these 3 things and she has seen that many relationships do not, hence her mission to reverse divorce rate stats and empower lasting relationships around the world!

These 3 C's are Kristel's Jam to teach! 

How to Cultivate Healthy Connection, Communication & Confidence in Your Relationship

While people hardly believe Kristel when she shares this part of her past, she sure has one. She is not afraid to be vulnerable about her toxic behaviors and insecurities that she has found many women are dealing with today. She can deliver a relatable and raw talk while teaching tangible and applicable tools for your audience to walk away inspired and moved to transform their life and relationships!

Stop Going Thru Your Man's Phone!

Fulfillment is a void that many people are searching for every single day. Filling it with business, social media and destructive relationships and habits, Kristel believes and teaches how knowing your identity and purpose can save lives and relationships! With this one talk, your audience will walk away ready to take on the world and live their best life!

Tap into Your Purpose and Calling!

I’ve discovered my purpose...

The main problems I faced before working with Kristel were knowing that I never wanted to lose myself but not knowing what that actually looked like for me. Kristel was the answer I didn't know I needed. Not having a community of like-minded women who are committed to their growth and inner work, and not having the guidance, resources, or confidence to step into my purpose and build a brand that I knew was brewing inside of me. Since working with Kristel, I’ve discovered my purpose and have gotten intimate with my vision, become my best, authentic self, am a more present mom and wife, have the confidence and trust within myself to show up, take up space, tap into my unique gifts so I can share it with the world, and have started building my brand from the ground up! 

Riza-Joy Fance

Yes, It Really Works

"I gained a greater understanding in myself and purpose..."

Before I started working with Kristel I felt lost and headed toward a divorce. I kept starting things and never finishing. My husband was over me spending money on things that never returned a profit. I was lacking confidence and self worth. Since working with Kristel in 3 months HER Playbook I am CONFIDENT in myself, I gained a greater understanding in myself and purpose, I’ve learned effective communicate and I KNOW MY POWER. 
If you are considering working with Kristel PLEASE DO! Bet on yourself. It’s the best investment that will turn your life around.


"What Kristel teaches are life lessons that are invaluable..."

What Kristel teaches are life lessons that are invaluable. They go beyond your relationship with a man. She helps you discover things about yourself that may not just be holding you back in your relationships (intimate and otherwise) but also helps you open your eyes to being successful in life on your own, relying and depending on no one else for that. I use what I’ve learned from Kristel every single day. What I’ve learned from Kristel has been able to be applied to all areas of life.


Kristel has the gift of using her voice and life experience to inspire others into action and lasting change! She has a witty, relatable and authentic way of resonating with an audience on a very deep-soul level. She can teach, she can preach and she can make a lasting impression for you and your desired audience! Don't see your topic listed?
Not working with a professional athlete wife audience? Connect with us and see if Kristel is still a fit. We'd love to hear form you!

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