I believe every woman must be in tune with 5 things  to experience true love & happiness...

1. Her Identity 
2. Her Vision
3. Her Limitations
4. Her Growth 
5. Her Contribution

It is through these 5 things you will discover wholeness, fulfillment and joy so that you can bring your best self to your life & relationship!

I help my clients master these 5 areas and get life changing results through my signature P.L.A.Y Method 

ladies, lemme tell you something:

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HER Playbook

A play by play interactive group coaching experience to support you in deepening your connection, communication and Confidence! 

Our men have agents to help them get the most out of their career, coaches for every position, and playbooks that give them insight and guidance to PLAY their best game...you get to PLAY in life and have that level of support too!

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One On One

Here, we'll create a plan of action to implement next steps with customized coaching around the most pressing issues in the present moment at the time of the call...

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Cloud 9

A high level mastermind for the feminine powerhouse who desires to keep her man + family first without sacrificing her dreams, sanity and self care!  

No longer put yourself last on the list to support your man while he builds his legacy and impact. Dive deep into the key areas that set your soul on fire Sexuality, Sensuality and Spirituality! It's your time to shine!


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Your girl loves to talk! Kristel is a teacher and preacher at heart! You can find her on social media and HER PLAYbook the Podcast but she does her thing in person and on virtual events too!

When you know yourself and choose to love and accept yourself you will begin to BE yourself! That is your purpose! Waking up each day and becoming the best version of YOU!



Following the desires of your heart is where who you are comes to life. This is where you materialize your purpose!

with my signature 5-Step Framework to Self Actualization

Limitations & Healing

If you do not identify what is getting in the way of you and who God called you to be, you will keep spinning in circles feeling busy, overwhelmed and unproductive. HEaling yileds fruitfulness. You must feel it and let it go so it opens up space for the abundance waiting for you!


This is the day to day living. Learning and evolving as you connect with people, set goals and fail forward in achieving them your growth journey is what makes life worth living. Growth is what separates those who are thriving versus just surviving. 


This is the ultimate goal and desire of life, giving your gifts away to the world and leaving your legacy and impact. We only scratch the surface of this in HER Playbook but the steps we will navigate here will set you up to realize your unique power and have the confidence to live it and give it away!

When you navigate these areas you cover the bases of self actualization and lasting results in your life! In my programs, these frameworks are delivered through interactive exercises, group discussion, journaling, workbook activities, application, accountability and feedback

So, how does she do it?

I’ve discovered my purpose...

The main problems I faced before working with Kristel were knowing that I never wanted to lose myself but not knowing what that actually looked like for me. Kristel was the answer I didn't know I needed. Not having a community of like-minded women who are committed to their growth and inner work, and not having the guidance, resources, or confidence to step into my purpose and build a brand that I knew was brewing inside of me. Since working with Kristel, I’ve discovered my purpose and have gotten intimate with my vision, become my best, authentic self, am a more present mom and wife, have the confidence and trust within myself to show up, take up space, tap into my unique gifts so I can share it with the world, and have started building my brand from the ground up! 

Riza-Joy Fance

Yes, It Really Works

"I gained a greater understanding in myself and purpose..."

Before I started working with Kristel I felt lost and headed toward a divorce. I kept starting things and never finishing. My husband was over me spending money on things that never returned a profit. I was lacking confidence and self worth. Since working with Kristel in 3 months HER Playbook I am CONFIDENT in myself, I gained a greater understanding in myself and purpose, I’ve learned effective communicate and I KNOW MY POWER. 
If you are considering working with Kristel PLEASE DO! Bet on yourself. It’s the best investment that will turn your life around.


"What Kristel teaches are life lessons that are invaluable..."

What Kristel teaches are life lessons that are invaluable. They go beyond your relationship with a man. She helps you discover things about yourself that may not just be holding you back in your relationships (intimate and otherwise) but also helps you open your eyes to being successful in life on your own, relying and depending on no one else for that. I use what I’ve learned from Kristel every single day. What I’ve learned from Kristel has been able to be applied to all areas of life.


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